Places of Power, Places of Heart

The Peak, the Ancestors, and the Journey Stone
The third in a series of ceremonial hikes
Halloween Day, Saturday, October 31st, 2015
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Are you ready...

     To find some balance in your life?

     To hear what guidance your ancestors have for you?

     To find some peace in a beautiful and inspiring place?

     To get in tune with the changing season and bask in the fire of autumn?

     To visit a powerful place overlooking the Bay and the ocean and feel the message of the
     Journey Stone?

     To receive the guidance of your personal guardians and elemental spirits?

     To go inward, hear what your soul has to tell you, and to recognize your Teacher Within?

     To have a peak experience and commune with the presence of Mt Tamalpais herself?

The season has turned and we have entered the time of Autumn, of the harvest, the equinox, the time of  shortening days and deepening darkness.  Between Autumn and Winter the veil between seen and unseen worlds thins, we become more aware of life and death, and it is time to let go of the old and invite the new.

Halloween, All Souls Day, Celtic Samhain (sow-in), and The Day of the Dead 
all converge on  October 31st and November 1st.  This is the time to honor and commune with the Ancestors, the ones who came before us, who show us and open the way, contribute to who we are and inspire us with the vision to continue our personal evolution.  With the blurring of boundaries between worlds, this is the time to make changes across time and dimension, to transform the future and ourselves.

On Halloween Day we will walk a sacred circle around the peak of Apu Tamalpais,
gaze outward from her overlooks, go inward on the Journey Stone, and spiral up to her very summit to make connections between Sun, Sky, Earth and Water.  We will journey to our ancestors for guidance and healing, make offerings, seek perspective and offer protection and blessing to the world spread out below us.

The entire hike will be about 1.5 miles, including the climb to the peak. 
The circle walk is flat and easy (0.9 mi.).  The optional ascent to the peak is a climb of 200 ft. in elevation and 0.6 mile round trip. 

Hike Details

Bring a water bottle, lunch, an eye covering and a blanket or pad to lie on while journeying if you like, an offering for your ancestors AND your rattle.

$40 ($35 if registered by October 24)

Further details upon registration...

For forty years, Steve has been doing ceremony and hiking around the shoulders of our local mother-mountain.  On these visits to Mt. Tam, we will hike with mindfulness to key power spots, many secret or hidden from casual view.  There, we will bond with the presence of the mountain, perform ceremony, make offerings and honor the local spirits.  We will connect with the power and heart of the land, and with each other, heart to heart.

Steve Orsary is a shamanic practitioner, healer and poet who has hiked thousands of miles, many of them around Mt. Tam where he has walked every trail on the map and many that aren't. He and his wife, MaryAnn, work in Corte Madera where they practice Bioenergy Balancing, shamanic healing and body-centered psychotherapy.  Read more about Steve at

Contact Steve to register or for more information.
Contact Steve to register.