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The Munay-Ki 


A Process of Initiation and Awakening to Your Power

In 2009, I traveled to the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree, California, to participate in a significant spiritual event.  Three Q’ero shamans traveled to meet us there, leaving their sacred mountains high in the Andes of Peru, to work with us near our more local peaks of Mts. San Jacinto and San Gorgonio.  Don Humberto, Doña Bernadina and Don Francisco led the way in transmitting to us the ancient Rites of the Munay-Ki.  These are their sacred processes of initiation, awakening, and empowerment that go back 30,000 years, and are being released to us now, in the wake of tumultuous world events, and as we enter the time beyond the year 2012, which marked the end of the Mayan calendar.  Having passed 2012, we are now in the Time to Come, which has been prophesied to be a time of great change and transformation.  Once you have received all of these rites and received the proper training, you are empowered to pass them on to others; and so now we can pass them on to you.

A Path of Fire

Regardless of your background, heritage or experience, or whether you follow a particular tradition or practice (or not), the transmissions of these Rites can benefit you personally, and benefit the world as you walk in it.  Through the Munay-Ki, you are introduced to your personal power, learn to protect yourself, become aligned with archetypal forces, and learn to perceive and see reality more clearly.  You expand your perspective to know yourself as one who is connected to both the earth and the sky, and to care for our Mother Earth and for all creation.  You receive the initiations, awaken to your position in the world, and are empowered to live your life in a new way, from a new perspective. This is a path of fire, a path imbued with the energetic quality of fire, and quick like lightning.  And at the same time, it is all very practical.

Beings of Light

The Munay-Ki is comprised of the nine sacred rites of the Q’ero shamans, the Incan elders high in the Andes Mountains of Peru.  These rites are received as transmissions, as energetic seeds, are fed with fire, and represent a progression of personal evolution, protection, and connection in nine steps.  They assist in a process of personal awakening, of establishing personal power, and of healing the wounds of the past: our own, our ancestors’, and our genetic and karmic inheritance.  They are also a means of transforming our energy signature or vibrational state to what has been called homo luminous, our evolution to becoming a being of light.

New Software

You may know that in our Bioenergy Balancing work, we address healing at the level where problems originate: in our auric or meridian fields, where emotional blockages or distortions can lead to physical discomfort or even disease.  Shifting something there at the level of energy or emotion can change they way we feel and how our bodies operate.  At the physical level, our DNA is our hardware.  At the energetic level, our software is our vibrational template, our blueprint, our luminous energy field, which informs our DNA and tells it what to do.  The rites of the Munay-Ki are like downloads of the latest versions of our luminous software, working at the highest level of our energy fields and intentions, allowing our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits to transform to a different level of function.  Change something there, and we may shift our DNA--and the rest of our living, thinking, and feeling--to a new level of operation.

Nine Steps

The Munay-Ki allows personal evolution in nine steps; namely, the Healer’s Rites, the Bands of Power, the Harmony Rites, the Seer’s, Daykeeper’s, Wisdomkeeper’s, Earthkeeper’s, Starkeeper’s, and Creator Rites.  You step onto your path of healing, you learn to protect yourself, you connect and expand your vision, and then take expanding responsibility for your world.  By receiving the transmissions of the nine Rites of the Munay-Ki, you can launch yourself on a trajectory toward Creator identity and a perspective beyond the stars.

With Much Munay

The word “munay” means “heart,” or “I love you,” or “be as thou art.” Thus "Munay-Ki" could be said to refer to the “power of love.”  We invite you to step forward with us into a new powerful adventure, on a pathway of love and fire, and receive the Rites of the Munay-Ki.


We offer the Rites of the Munay-Ki as a means of healing and growing, integrating the core of Bioenergy Balancing with the wisdom of this ancient shamanic tradition to help achieve personal wholeness and physical and emotional well-being.

For a few years, we offered the Rites of the Munay-Ki in monthly gatherings.  These rites were offered without cost. What we provided by way of a protective and healing surround, preparation, personal support and direction was on a donation basis.  At each gathering, each person received the rite that was next in line for him or her.  People entered the process and completed it at different times. 

Even though we are no longer offering the Munay-Ki rites in monthly group sessions, we continue to offer the rites in the course of our regular one-on-one sessions, by request.

Any fees are not for the rite transmission, but for mentoring, preparation, and our other work only. If you would like to participate in this process,
click here to contact us.

Doña Bernadina, Don Humberto, Steve Orsary
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