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West Coast Dowsers
Virtual Conference

"Energy Hygiene: Practical Tools for Keeping your Space Strong, Clear and Healthy"

Do certain people or places make you tired? Have you felt under a cloud? Do you feel emotionally affected by situations around you?

We sometimes pick up and retain energy that is not ours, and it interferes with our effectiveness and health. Thinking may become muddled, our emotional state stirred up, our energy levels drop. Just as you need to change the oil in your car and brush your teeth, you also need to do specific things to care for your energetic well-being, to keep yourself radiant and protected.

These practices will help you discern what is occurring in these situations, identify the source of an issue, clear what is interfering, and prevent re-occurrence. We will show you practical, hands-on ways to keep your space clear and to remove non-beneficial energies.
You will also be given a clearing process for ongoing protection and clarity.  If you have the sense that your field is permeable to energies outside yourself, doing this process every day will help you to feel strong, clear and healthy. Enjoy how good your energy-space feels afterwards.

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Q & A session begins at about 50:00

Munay-Ki Rites
Now Offered Upon Request

We are offering the Rites of the Munay-Ki as a means of healing and growing, integrating the core of Bioenergy Balancing with the wisdom of this ancient shamanic tradition to help achieve personal wholeness and physical and emotional well-being.

To read more about the Munay-Ki
rites, click here.

Places of Power, Places of Heart
On Mt. Tamalpais
A series of ceremonial hikes with Steve Orsary

Hikes are on hiatus for now.

We look forward to seeing you out on the mountain in the near future. 

Meanwhile, we will be putting on our masks and heading outside for local walks.  We hope you are getting outside too


Past Hikes

April 2015

The Medicine Wheel Hike

July 2015

Stone Circle Hike

Halloween Day 2015
The Peak, the Ancestors, ...

February 2016
The Healing Waters - Cataract Falls

May 2016
The Lakes Hike

September 2016
Springs Eternal Hike

December 2016
The Fairy Trail Hike

April 2017
The Steep Ravine Hike

April 2018
Gateway Into the Heart of the Mtn. Hike

July 2018
The Spirit and Guardians of the Meadow Hike

October 2018
The Ancestors, the Mother Ocean and
the Rainbow Bridge Hike

November 2019
The Seat of Power Hike

The North Star Healing Center
               ...Finding Your Own True North                                                                                                                    
Formerly known as Bioenergy Balancing Center North 
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