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April 13, 2016

Bioenergy Balancing With Babies:  Relieving Discomfort and Increasing Communication

Bringing in more ease, more sweetness

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We have been particularly relishing our sessions with some newly arrived ones and their parents.

We've found we are often able to help:

-Release trauma from a difficult, or even a fairly ordinary, birth
-Ease breast-feeding adjustments
-Release barriers to sleeping deeply and well
-Relieve frustration and upset around being strapped into a  seat or placed in a car
-Clear skin rashes
-Relieve babies' frustration around not being able to DO
things or communicate well

There's nothing better than helping babies feel more at ease.  For parents, it's a great relief and honey to the heart.

Babies are easier to work with, generally having less baggage than grown-ups.  We do similar things with small humans as with the big people, using Bioenergy Balancing and shamanic healing techniques.  We clear their energy fields, release old and outdated connections with earlier times,and release stuck energies and emotions in their meridians. We help them to communicate, feel understood, and get their needs met. They often respond beautifully and blossom even more.  

Sometimes one parent brings the baby in, sometimes both. It can be rich when a grandparent can come, to bring a sense of lineage and the ongoing-ness of family. 

If you know parents of babies who are having a hard time or could use some added ease, consider forwarding this e-mail on to them.  Contact us for more information.

Preparing for Conception

We have also done Bioenergy Balancing work for years for women and couples who were trying to--and having a hard time--getting pregnant. Also those who were on the fence about having children at all.

"Thanks to you two, 'Leanne' was able to be born," one of our long-time clients often tells us. Leanne's mom, 'Casey', needed to come to terms with her ambivalence about becoming a parent.  Part of her was scared.  She thought she wasn't ready and wouldn't be a good mom, but after she was able to do some of her own early-life healing, and be more in alignment with herself, she realized how much she wanted to be a parent. She was able to conceive in the following year. Casey also made some nutritional shifts that allowed her physical health  to improve before she got pregnant. 

This is also important work for men getting ready to be fathers. 

On emotional, ancestral and biological levels, we've been able to offer support to would-be parents over the years.  Contact us for more information.