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December 1, 2010

Client's Smart Body Reveals the Right Timing for a Next Session

Sometimes clients ask us when they should come back for a next session. We often say, sit with this session for a while and let it settle and integrate in you, and when you feel like you are ready for another round, give us a call; we can usually get you an appointment within a week. We also offer to muscle-test for when your body wants to come back. Knowing your body's opinion about it can help you decide the best time to return.

Recently, we asked "Renata's" body when she would like to come for her next session. Her body said she wanted to come back in one week, which surprised her and us, because her body usually requested next sessions in three-to-five weeks. We asked Renata herself what she thought about her body's request, and she reported that in a week and a half she was scheduled for a three-and-a-half-hour dental surgery. Her body had flagged a need to have some support around the surgery, which she had some concerns about.

We told Renata about our experience in helping clients to both get ready for--and to heal from--dental surgery and other kinds of surgery.

She decided to schedule an appointment in one week. In that session, we were able to help her body release her emotional concerns and trauma around past dental surgeries, to help her connect with her unseen allies, to recommend homeopathic support, and set the stage for a successful procedure
. The day after the surgery, we spent 45 minutes on the phone with her to release the surgical trauma, restore her natural meridian flow through the affected area, and facilitate the healing process.  Thanks to Renata's wise body in requesting a session one week later, she had a very smooth surgery and a relatively easy healing process.

As she posted on her social networking page, "Had dental surgery on Friday and can't believe how well I am doing! I think it is a result of the bio-energy healing I did before and after. "
(Used with permission.)


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