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August 18, 2010
Resolving the Physical Effects of Past Physical Traumas

People often don’t realize how an injury or traumatic accident can affect their meridian flows, and how this can, not only cause emotional distress, but actually slow or prevent full physical healing of the injury.  We have worked with many clients who have complained of residual pain, stiffness, diminished mobility and other symptoms that trace back to accidents or injuries that occurred in years past, in childhood, or even in recent months.  An auto accident, a snowboard crash, a fall off a bicycle, the aftermath of surgery, a sprain or strain that leaves you in ongoing discomfort-you don’t have to continue suffering from the past effects of these. 

When there is painful or traumatic impact to the body, the meridians that flow through the area can become overcharged and lift off the body, becoming partially dissociated from the body itself.  This can occur due to a blow, a fall, a break, cut or incision.  Since the energy channel of the meridian is no longer fully connected with the body’s tissues, they cannot heal as quickly or as well.  By identifying the event and releasing the blocked charge on the meridians involved, the flow of the person’s natural healing energy can be freed, the meridians can settle into their normal pathways on the body, and the tissues involved can be restored to full health. 

Sometimes, as is often seen in the case of car accidents, a person might see the impact coming, in this case in the form of another automobile hurtling in their direction.  In order to avoid what they see coming, they might jump out of their body in order to avoid what they know will be certainly bad, if not life threatening.  We call this “splitting” out, and it is a way we protect ourselves from perceived trauma.  Again, by identifying the event and clearing the terror from the Bladder and Governing and Central meridians (for example) the split can be calmed, resolved, and that part of yourself can be reunited with your full self in current time.  Your full resources can be returned to you, and healing of both the physical and emotional trauma can be more complete.  Hurray, you’re back!

A person can be resigned to his or her old “war wounds,” thinking the condition must be accepted and “toughed out.”  But what focused athlete or everyday person wouldn’t welcome a complete recovery?  Let us help you prepare for or recover from surgery, relieve pain, regain a full range of motion, or let that nagging injury finally come to rest.  The sooner after the injury these things are resolved, the quicker the healing can be. 
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