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September 9, 2010
Phone Sessions Work!

Most of our clients live in the Bay Area and come to see us in Marin for Bioenergy Balancing sessions. We also have clients who live in far-flung places such as Los Angeles and New York City. We see some of these clients when they are in town, but some of them we have never met face to face. We "see" them through sessions conducted over the telephone.
Other clients say they have friends who could really use a session or two, but they live too far away. They are surprised when we tell them that their friends don't have to travel, that we can offer assistance via a phone session.

While we do enjoy it when you are here in person, we are able to connect very effectively to your energy field from a distance. We spend some time talking, as we do when you are here, to make sure we focus on your issues and needs. We use the speaker phone so that our hands are free to perceive and clear energy. We invite your energy in and can perceive blocks, meridians, and energy flows as if you were on our table.

Our more kinesthetic clients, the ones who perceive energy moving in their bodies, report that the clearings feel the same. Even though we may miss seeing each other in person, the work is just as effective.

Call or email us to schedule a phone session at (415) 924-6516 or .

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