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June 15, 2011
One Guy's Experience in Managing Stress:
"I feel more centered and more capable of handling my stressful life."

Some of our clients lead very stressful lives.They have demanding jobs, illness in the family, or ongoing life circumstances that cause anxiety and create tension. Sleepless nights can add to the mix and further reduce the ability to cope. Others are in the midst of life transitions that stretch them thin. Over time, these transitions may open up possibilities and move them toward their dreams, but meanwhile, life feels taxing.

One of our clients wrote us recently to tell us how much his regular maintenance sessions contributed to his wellbeing. He says:

"Dear Steve and Mary Ann,

"I've been meaning to write you for some time about how valuable your Bioenergy Balancing sessions have been to me. I have seen you both for help managing a variety of issues but they all seem to roll into stress management in some way. Before our sessions, my stress levels are high and hard to manage, and after I see you I feel more centered and more capable of handling my stressful life.

"Conversely, when I let too much time go by between our sessions, I become irritable, short tempered and even depressed and I believe my health suffers as a consequence.
I just thought you would like to know how impactful your sessions are for me and my well being. Sessions with you are not a luxury for me, I view them as a medical necessity.

"Thanks for all you do!"

V.P. of Investments, San Francisco

This client also reported that when he is overstressed, he doesn't sleep well, which compounds his distress. After sessions the quality of his sleep improves, and he feels better able to handle the pressures of his daily life.

When you are in tough circumstances,we recommend monthly maintenance sessions to help keep yourself in balance.

As he states, caring for yourself, especially in times of increased stress, is not a luxury but a necessity. We would be happy to help you maintain your equilibrium in the midst of your crazy/wonderful life.


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