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December 1, 2010

Winter Immune-System-Boosting Sessions

The beginning of winter, with its attendant cold and flu season, is an excellent time to give your immune system a check-up to make sure it's supporting you well.

In these sessions we can explore nutritional support for your immune system. Are you taking the right amount of Vitamin C or D-3 for your body? Do you need to add in minerals such as zinc, or other vitamins? In addition to making sure you are taking the right amount, is your body able to absorb and use the supplements you do take?

We can ask if your thymus needs support. The thymus gland is where our killer T-cells are activated. Our killer T-cells inject a poison into invading organisms that is made out of Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide, hence our body's ability to use up larger amounts of Vitamin C when we have a cold or flu.

Sometimes when our heart chakras experience a disturbance, it can affect our thymus glands. Supporting the heart chakra, the thymus, and addressing emotional stresses can support our wellness though the winter.

Let us know if we can help you to boost your immune system this winter, supporting your health and wellbeing.


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