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January 31, 2011
What Allows Healing to Take Place?  

What are the seemingly mysterious factors that come together to allow healing to take place? How do people feel better, get better, get unstuck, shift into different states, move out of painful experiences? If you have the flu, time and rest (plus vitamin C, zinc and perhaps chicken soup) usually do the trick. After a period of time, you are back to feeling like yourself again. How do we get "back to ourselves" when healing from emotional states or experiences, or trauma--including those that affect us physically?

One piece of the healing puzzle relates to feeling safe and cared for.

When I was studying counseling psychology, I read about studies that sought to determine the most effective type of psychotherapy. What kind of therapy was best for relieving anxiety, depression, or other ailments?

What researchers found repeatedly was that there wasn't one therapy that was significantly better than any of the others. In these studies, the key factor that determined whether people got better or not was their relationship with their therapist.

That finding initially surprised me, and then increasingly made sense. In medicine also, the healing presence of the doctor and the patient's confidence in him or her are known to be major factors that contribute to the patient getting well.

To have someone be fully present with you, accepting you exactly as you are is an amazing, healing experience. To feel respected, listened to, validated is the starting point for the healing that can take place, whatever modality is used. That context of mutual respect and care allows a sense of safety to build. When you feel safe, you can go there, you can bring to light those unfinished experiences that have been expressing themselves through your bodies' symptoms. They can begin to come to the surface to be healed.

In our sessions with you, Steve and I feel honored to be able to assist you in your healing process. We have the intention to be fully present and supportive of you, so that your body consciousness can relax and your body can heal. In the context of our relationship, you can regain your sense of aliveness, heal your past, and increase your health and wellbeing.


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