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March 28, 2011
Healing For Houses and Land--As Well as People

Recently a long-time client, "Erin", called us with what she thought was an unusual problem. Whoever slept on the right side of the bed (her husband, kids, or she herself) had nightmares, couldn't sleep, or got sick. The kids wouldn't sleep on the right side of the bed anymore. Could there be something about that one side of her bed that we could help with?

We assured her that having issues around one's home, feeling something is "not right" in one area or another, is not unusual. Mostly, if people have an uncomfortable area, they avoid it or work around it. They gravitate to a livelier part of the house. Perhaps eventually they move to a more comfortable place. In Erin's case, we thought we might be able to help her out.

With any issue or problem a person brings in, you never know where it will take you. Sometimes a person wants to work on a physical issue, and his body says, work on a relationship experience. Or she wants to work on an emotional issue and her body says, check her minerals and whether she has enough of the amino acid tryptophan. It is all related, after all. We have learned to roll with it, and we still get surprised occasionally and amused often.

At Erin's house, we checked on whether there were any spirit beings connected with her family or with the land. No. We checked whether it was related to emotions of any of the family members. No. Did the ceiling beam that bisected the room have an influence? No. Then we checked the energy of the land itself. We found there was a strong earth energy flow that cut across one side of the bed. Nothing scary, just the way the energy flowed through that part of the earth her house was sitting on.

We checked in with the spirit of the land there and found that, working together with the spirit of the land, plus the Archangel Uriel and a fire spirit who came in to help, we could gently encourage the energy flow to move in a slightly different way that would loop around the bedroom. (See diagram below.)  Erin reported that she felt the shift take place in the room. It felt peaceful and resolved in her house.

She had been trying to make a sweet, warm home space and, even though she worked at it consciously and diligently, she hadn't yet succeeded. As we talked, she had the sense (and so did we) that she would be able to create the home atmosphere she wanted for herself and her family. We had the sense that soon she wouldn't be able to keep the kids out of her bed.

A fun part of this process was that we didn't actually go to her house, which is 80 miles away from us. We did this bit of work while talking together on the telephone.

Sometimes houses and land need healing, in addition to people. Animals sometimes need healing too--but that's a story for another time.

Used with "Erin's" permission.

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