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October 30, 2012

Sometimes Healing is Forgetting That We Were Ever in Pain

A client recently reported back that, at first, she couldn't tell if anything had happened during her Bioenergy Balancing session. She didn't feel much of a shift during the session, and she was ready to count it up as an interesting experience. A week later, it dawned on her that she was no longer in pain.

She was someone more comfortable and familiar with western medicine than energy work, so at first, she didn't know what to make of it. She had gone to doctors, had MRIs, and was basically told there was nothing physically wrong with her. Yet she had a persistent and worrying pain in her body for more than a year.

She put two and two together and realized that the session did work, and she was thrilled.

Steve and I often have people come back for a return visit. We ask them, how are you doing with those headaches? (for example)--their main complaint when we first saw them. It no longer surprises us to hear them say, what headaches? They say, oh yeah, those headaches. Those headaches went away. We smile at each other and the client and celebrate the cessation of pain and recognize that maybe healing is forgetting that we were ever in pain.

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