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March 12, 2012

Is it the Food, or is it You?

That’s a good question these days. There seem to be so many foods that we just can’t tolerate, for one reason or the other. “I used to be able to eat some foods that I can’t anymore. Is this normal? Am I getting old? Food doesn’t seem to be the same as it used to be. Is there something wrong with it? Is there anything I can do, or should I just avoid stuff that bothers me?”

There are a number of things that could be going on. You might get heartburn or gas, experience constipation or diarrhea, have achy joints or feel fatigue. Many other symptoms may present themselves. In recent times, we have begun to distinguish between food allergies and food sensitivities, and the two of these have very different sources. Let’s talk about food first.

Organic or “All Natural?”

No, much of our food is not what it used to be. My opinion is that organic food today might be the equivalent of the commercially raised food of our parents’ generation. Many more and different pesticides and herbicides are used today, along with chemical additives, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial “flavors,” sweeteners, etc. The “All Natural” label on many foods may be only a marketing ploy, and may not mean much. We have to read the ingredient labels. Diet sweeteners like aspartame can make you foggy-brained and actually cause weight GAIN. They can make your body feel hungry so that you eat more. Chemical residues can cause many toxic reactions. These days especially, it’s always a good idea to eat organic. And there is help for the rest.

Clearing Allergies and Removing Toxins

An allergy is an emotional disconnection from some food or substance that shows up as a physical reaction. It might be anything from a runny nose or rash, to breathing or digestive distress. At some point in your life, you may have had a traumatic experience that gets associated with a food or substance in your environment. It might be the pollen in the air when your boyfriend broke your heart in the spring, or what your parents forced you to eat when you were eight. And when the pollen returns each spring, so do the tears. Or when you ingest that dairy product, it doesn’t stay in you for long. (You’re not abiding any more of that!) It may be you, based in your experiences-and that can be resolved. We work with these types of allergies by identifying the age when it got established, identifying the emotional issue or decision, and releasing the charge that is still being held in the body. (We recently identified an allergy that I had to Oats-and it was connected to childhood anger at my family, the Orsary’s, the O’s, “Steve-O,” and Cheeri-O’s! The O’s and the Oats were the emotional association!) Once the charge is released, the allergic response is also.

Where allergies are the result of emotional disconnection, toxins are the physical irritants that make our lives more difficult than they need to be. The good news is that we have an array of detoxifier options to rid the body of herbicides, artificial ingredients, and metals. Fluoride in water, or foods processed with tap water (which includes most processed foods), is also easily detoxified from the body with the right supplement. All this release contributes to restoring your own (or your kids’ or your partner’s) natural vitality, emotional stability and mental clarity.

Gluten Intolerance and Gluten-Free Food

An inability to tolerate gluten can cause damage to the lining of the small intestine resulting in an inability to absorb nutrients and causing internal distress. This is becoming more prevalent, to the point where many markets and restaurants offer “gluten-free alternatives.” This is not a simple issue--but we have traced the cause often to pre-natal issues around not feeling welcomed into the world. It could have been a lack of safety in the family, Dad’s storming around, Mom’s uncertainty, the insecurity of the state of the world. The foundation of life, the basic grains and foods, the person’s place in the world, seem compromised. This has an emotional foundation and we can help resolve it.

GE and GMO’S

Genetically Engineered “foods” and Genetically Modified Organisms are throwing a whole new monkey wrench into the food mixing pot. We are now seeing reactions to foods that have nothing to do with our emotional histories. Foods are being changed at the genetic level to do things nature never intended, and that evolution has no answer for. Probably the most extreme example of this is seen in genetically modified Roundup-Ready corn. This “corn” as been engineered to withstand sprayings with the herbicide Roundup. The growers spray the crop with Roundup to kill all surrounding weeds and plants, while the corn survives. When this corn is eaten, it has been found to actually begin generating Roundup in the gut, making miniature herbicide factories in the intestines. Various symptoms can develop, as you can imagine. Again in this case, there is no emotional allergy connection here, just the physical reaction. Good news again, there is an herbal solution to remove the source and the effect.

Corn, soy, beets and canola are mostly all genetically modified now, unless they are labeled Certified Organic. If a product contains corn, corn syrup, corn meal, corn flour, soy beans, soy oil, beets, beet sugar, canola oil or any of their by-products, and is not specifically labeled Organic, there is a very high likelihood (something like 80% at last count) that it has been Genetically Modified. If a product contains sugar that is not specifically cane sugar, it is likely made from GM’d beets. Yes, it is the food. How much of the food in the grocery aisles contain these? Most of them. Learn how to muscle test or dowse your food. Read the labels. And Bless everything!

Blessing your Food

A world of traumas and toxins, chemical tainting and biological interference, can be released and vibrational vitality can be restored if we just learn how to work with our food. Love and bless all your food and your water. There is a reason that this has been such a beautiful practice in all cultures, the blessing before meals, at the planting or the harvesting or the respectful and grateful incorporation of an animal’s life to feed the lives of others around it. It is no small thing to bathe what you ingest or imbibe in a field of blessing and waves of love. You can actually alter the vibrational, and thus the physical, presence and structure of the food. Know what you are doing and do it. If you know how, you can remove toxins from your food with your hands and your intentions. You can raise the energy signature of what you take in, and of everything else around you. You can write the words "love" and "gratitude" on your water bottle, in the style of Masaru Emoto, to structure the water with those vibrations. Some people learn this easily. Others find it not quite as simple. We all have our talents and our areas of expertise, each one is different.

We have many resources at our disposal: technical information and wise use, detoxifiers and supplements, emotional release, the alignment of physical body processes, Bioenergy Balancing clearing and spirit healing. Sometimes it is the food. Sometimes we can change things in ourselves. And it is always about the processes of Life moving forward and prevailing.

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