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October 5, 2015

Milestone:  Marking Five Years of Offering the Munay-Ki Rites

It was five years in August since Steve first started transmitting the rites in Corte Madera.  It's been a rich cycle of growth and movement for us and for the many folks who have joined in over the years.

Here are comments from a few who have received the rites:

"As a sensitive person (all my life), the second rite, The Bands of Power, has helped me so much. Before I received this rite, it was hard for me to go places where there were lots of people. It felt overwhelming to me, like there was too much information or energy coming in. After receiving the second rite, I feel a sense of protection that I can call forward when I need it.  Getting in touch with my Rainbow Fountain has made a huge difference in my presence and awareness.  I tune into my Bands of Power and feed them every day."

"I loved receiving the Seers Rite.  I felt a strong activation when Steve traced the line from my third eye to my
visual cortex, and then to my heart.  It was very powerful and has helped me develop my intuition in my healing practice."

"I love the feeling of power that develops over the course of the evening.  I only receive the one rite personally each time, but when I tune into all the rites given, I feel this incredible sense of love and power and community.  It is a wonderful thing to be a part of.  Thank you for making this available!"
We also want to welcome back people who received some of the rites, but have not completed the entire cycle. Life happens!--and pulls us in many directions sometimes. It is fine to start again, and pick up with the rite that is next for you.

Sometimes graduates report being drawn to revisit a rite on occasion, whether the Starkeepers' Rite, the Wisdomkeepers' Rite, or another. If this arises for you, feel free to drop in on a Monday night Munay-Ki gathering to receive a rite again.

We are grateful for this regular monthly pulse of the Munay-Ki rites over the past five years, and want to thank everyone who has been in it with us in the richness of it all.

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