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November 7, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
Throat Chakra
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This month we are visiting the throat chakra. If you want to check out previous months' chakras, click to read articles about the base, sex and power and heart chakras.

The throat center is associated with the color blue, the thyroid gland, and with giving voice and other types of creative expression.  When the throat chakra is not at its most vibrant, you may have a hard time speaking up.  Your voice might be quiet, cramped, inhibited. It can be hard to speak your truth.  Past wounds to our throat chakras occur when our voices are criticized, minimized, shut down. Some of us grew up with "Don't talk back," and that old chestnut "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."  Many have work to do to heal those old wounds that concern our throat chakras.

When the chakra is vibrating at a high level, it is easy to communicate, to trust that your words will be received. Your capacities for communication at other levels also open up--using words in writing, expressing in song or gesture.  You can speak freely, listen easily, communicate your intent. Your voice sounds resonant and expressive, perhaps even musical.

You might want to go to your own room to do the throat chakra meditation this month, since it will involve making some noise. (Don't need to go to your room? Then your throat chakra may already be robust and lively!)

In your own space, sit comfortably and cross your arms and rest them against your chest.  Open your palms near your collarbone--however you can be comfortable for a couple of minutes. Relax your face and let your jaw drop and relax.  Let your throat and hands radiate the color blue while focusing on the center of your throat, through to the back of your neck.  Breathe.  Do that for a few moments, then relax your arms.  If you have a piano or pitch pipe, sound a G.  Sing that note using a sound like "hahm."  (Haaaaaahmmmmm, haaaaaahmmmmm, haaaaaahmmmmm...)  If you don't have perfect pitch or an instrument handy, click on the link to Soundsnap, then click on one of the arrows to sound a G. 

The next option for working the throat chakra is from musical genius Bobby McFerrin.  It helps your tongue and voice become more flexible by using the syllables "bih-dih-da" and "dih-da-la" in combination. Go into that same room by yourself or do this in the privacy of your own automobile.  Sing these syllables in various combinations, speeds, pitches and volume. It's fun and builds capacity. 

You may need specific healing and/or kind witnessing to heal the wounds of the throat chakra.  Speaking Circles are one way to be able to practice standing in front of, and then speaking to, a friendly and non-judmental circle of people. 

As always, kindness and compassion for ourselves is essential as we work to build the capacities of our energy bodies.