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December 9, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
Sixth or Third Eye Chakra

This month we are saying hello to the third eye chakra, also known as the sixth of the seven major chakras in the body. If you want to explore previous months' chakras, click to read about the base, sex, power, heart and throat chakras.

The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo, like that last, deep-blue light of the sky as night falls. It governs the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and our vision centers--both our physical eyes and our inner vision. When the third eye chakra is radiant and vibrant,we are mentally crisp and alert, and our powers of imagination and intuition are at their height.

If this chakra is not so vibrant and well-toned, it may be related to a river in Egypt:  fear of looking at what, in some part of you, you know to be true but don't want to see right now.  The mechanism of self-protection called denial can play a role and help preserve a person's well-being for a time; later when you are in a stronger position, it is easier to see what is really happening in and around you.  For a time, it may be hard to see the future ahead of you, and your intuition and knowing may seem blocked.

The third-eye chakra, located in the middle our foreheads, might need some healing and TLC.  Start by touching that place in the center of your forehead.  It responds to the energy of our hands and the focus of our intentions.  Imagine indigo (twilight) colored light surrounding your hands and forehead, and the top and back of your head.  Hum an A tone, which you can find by clicking on this link to Soundsnap, with the vowel sound aye (rhymes with face).  For a few moments, put a hand on your forehead and one on the back of your head and let the indigo move between your hands. (Put them down when you get tired.) Hum and breathe, and imagine or feel or see the indigo radiate around that energy center.

After that part seems complete, close your eyes and imagine a movie screen inside your forehead.  People who are seers are tuned into the flow of images.  Others of us have to cultivate it with a bit of practice.  To practice, when seeing is not a familiar experience, it involves engaging a bit with the imagination.  For example, when I suggested above that you "see the indigo radiate around that energy center" you might be using your imagination. As you do it, though, the color indigo becomes more present and more real.  Seeing, imagination and intuition are all aspects of this chakra. 

When the sixth chakra is vibrating at a high level, your intuitive and visionary self can come forward, your insight can grow and your mental powers be strong.  Have fun tuning into this sixth chakra energy vibration and let your indigo light shine.  You might be surprised by the images or sense of knowing about something that just comes to you.   As always, self-kindness rules.  You deserve it. 

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