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August 9, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
Sex Chakra
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Hope you found it useful and grounding to hang out with your base chakra last month. We welcome your comments about your experience of attending to and spending time with your first chakra.

While July's chakra was about grounding, August's is about sensuality, creation, intimacy, confidence, social interaction, and just the pleasure of living in a physical body.
To find your second chakra on your lower abdomen, place your thumb on your belly button and open the palm of your hand: you have located the vicinity of your sex chakra.

Try this meditation to explore your second chakra... Have a comfy seat in a quiet place. Take a couple of breaths and breathe down into your body under your palm. Put both your hands there, and imagine orange light coming through your hands. Sit with it a moment and let that orange energy come through and light up your belly. Feel the orange light radiate, bringing relaxation and healing. You might feel your sensual energy start to awaken with a vibrant, tingling quality. Let that orange light and energy fill up your legs if it wants to move that way, up your torso, your whole body. Let the orange light permeate your second chakra. The affirmation of this chakra might be, "I belong." I belong, with my body, in this sensual world of physical reality.

If this chakra is in a diminished state, you may feel a sense of inhibition. There may be reluctance to engage your body's sexual or sensual energy. Sometimes it can remind us of painful or shaming experiences from the past. Cut yourself some slack if this is the case; as we work though the seven chakras, everybody will find something that needs working on. It's tough sometimes being human incarnated into these bodies. Let's consciously be kind to ourselves as we engage in soothing ways to engage with our chakras and foster the energy qualities of each one.

Always, if something you try in a meditation is uncomfortable, activitating or triggering, stop doing it and seek support from someone you trust, and if you want to, explore it further in safety.

Gentle ways to move this second chakra energy include using the orange radiant light method noted above, breathing into the chakra, dancing, rotating and swinging your hips (especially to some music with a beat). Try wearing the color orange, or an orange stone, such as amber or carnelian.

Take some time to develop your relationship with this chakra for the pleasure of it and for the health of your entire being. When we work on any one aspect of ourselves, whether physical, mental, emotional or energy body, it benefits the whole of our selves.