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September 6, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
Power Chakra
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This month we are visiting the power chakra.

To locate your power chakra place your hand on the front, center line of your body, just at the bottom of your ribs. Feel with your fingers for the tender place just under your bony ribs. This is your solar plexus area and home of the power chakra. This chakra is the place of personal power and sovereignty. It holds the energy of movement, action, being able to take charge, put plans into motion, get things done. From this place of power we hold curiosity, wit, initiative, focused vitality, the ability to act on our own behalf.

If this chakra is in a diminished state, you might feel a fear of being seen or of being judged. You might have no initiative to act on your vision, and so remain in your shell and feel resigned; "I just can't get going on this."

Let's explore this chakra in a little meditation... Lay down or sit down in a quiet, comfortable spot. Have a few deep and relaxing breaths. Go ahead and place one or both of your palms over your power chakra. Let your hands say hello to that center of power and action. Image yellow light coming through your hands to radiate and envelop your power center. Let yourself start to feel the energy signature that resides here, a sense of fullness and warmth. Tune into a current of power and action. You don't have to do anything yet, just feel the presence of that action center. Let it stir and brew and move through to your arms and legs. The affirmation of this chakra might be, "I am powerful." Let yourself feel into that power--power to be your own unique self in this world, and begin to tap into the energy and action of creation.

If self-judgment arises, remember that none of us have arrived yet; we all have work still to do, even the Dali Lama or the spiritual leader you admire most. Tune back into the essence of this energy center. Feel that feeling of power, just in its state of potential, and feel into the possibility of action. What tiny thing can I do to extend this feeling of power into my immediate environment? Imagine it, visualize it. Do it if you feel like it. Then come back to that warmth and energy of the power chakra.

If you are working on taking action and expressing power, tune into this chakra on a daily basis. Become more familiar with and own this part of your energy anatomy.