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October 12, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
Heart Chakra
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This month we are visiting the heart chakra. If you want to check out previous months' chakras, click on the Articles and Recordings link to find articles about the other chakras.

Sometimes people are surprised that the color of the heart chakra is green, associating the heart with Valentine's Day and hearts-and-flowers red. The heart chakra color is more along the lines of sunlight through green leaves. (Although, some who spend time with this chakra have occasionally reported the presence of a magenta/ hot pink highlight.)

This chakra is easy to locate in the vicinity of your physical heart, centered over your sternum. Place your palm over your heart chakra, in appreciation and safekeeping. The heart chakra is the crossover point of the seven chakras, connecting the lower three more earth-based chakras with the three higher-vibration chakras. Wouldn't you know that the crossover place would be at the heart, the seat of compassion, harmony, love, relationship, forgiveness and renewal.

If your heart feels tender, your hand can help tend it and protect it. With your hand over your heart you can feel the physicality and depth of your love. When this chakra is feeling diminished, you may feel fearful of giving or receiving love, and be unwilling to reach out and ask for help or to extend it. You may feel suspicious, cynical and discount the feelings of others.

If it's charged up and in its fullness, you may feel generous, open, expressly loving and caring. Respect and care bloom in a full heart chakra, and the desire to help and empower others.

With your hand still over your heart--sort of a pledge of allegiance to the energy center of love--let's explore this chakra a bit. Rest for a moment in a quiet, comfortable spot and have a few deep breaths. Imagine, feel or sense green light coming through your hands to radiate and meet with the green love center of your heart chakra. Let the green flow through your body, claiming a growing swath of the territory of your being.

Let your thoughts turn to green places you love, mountains or surf that draw out loving feelings, pets you love, children who make you smile, and other people who draw out your own sense of lovingness. Feel that green energy growing and flowing through your body. The affirmation of this chakra might be, "I am a loving being; it is my nature to love."

If you are a human being, on occasion this lovingness is hard to locate. If so, be patient with yourself. Start with some self care or get help from a colleague to tune into loving-presence energy. It never hurts to have two or more people working the green love center together.