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March 10, 2013

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:
The Seventh or
Crown Chakra

This month we are saying hello to the crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra. This is the last of the seven major chakras, although there are numerous other minor chakras in the body, plus chakras above our heads and beneath our feet. (If you are curious about them, Google "minor chakras" and see what images come up.)
To explore previous months' chakras, click to read about the base, sex, power, heart, throat, or third-eye chakras.

The crown chakra, as its name implies, sits right on top of your head, and is associated with the color violet, completing the rainbow of chakras that we started with the red base chakra. (Remember that helpful device for remembering the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV?)
At a physical level, the crown chakra governs the pineal gland, the cerebral cortex and central nervous system. It is also related to wisdom, knowingness, inspiration, and awareness of our upward connection. If the seventh chakra is diminished, you might feel disinterested in spiritual growth and deny a connection to energies beyond the physical self. This might also be related to limiting beliefs--perhaps religious or cultural--and be experienced as a sense of restriction.

When the seventh chakra is full and lively, we feel connected to spiritual sources, unseen friends. We are open for inspiration to strike and feel our link to the divine Creator Spirit.

The crown chakra might also need some care and attention. Start by feeling into the crown of your head, the place your hair spirals out from. It's right where the button on the top of your ball cap rests. It you focus on that area, you may be able to feel a sense of pressure, or movement of energy upward, or increased intensity. You can see, feel or imagine it as the place where your energy field flows upward. Imagine that energy field as a violet fountain or stream of light moving upward. Let your head and the space above it be filled with violet light. Imagine it rising all the way up to our beautiful and reliable sun. Feel or imagine the energy of the sun beaming back at you, bathing you in light and love. Feel your receptivity to the sun, to intuition, to inspiration from on high. While it beams, hum a B note on the sound "ee" as in bee. You can use a pitch pipe if you have one, or click here to go to
Soundsnap, where you can click on the arrow to play a B. (Thanks, Soundsnap!) Take a few moments to feel your crown and your upward connection.

Those of you who have received the Munay Ki rites will be familiar with the image of the rainbow fountain rising straight up out of your crown chakra for an arm's length then falling down around you in a torus shape, which defines the shape of our energy field. That same torus is also the energy shape of stars, galaxies, etc. (See image of planet Jupiter's torus, at right.) All this uprising of our energy field originates at our crown chakras.

When your seventh chakra is vibrating at a high level, you can feel your love and a larger sense of love and community with the larger something to which you belong. The affirmation of the crown chakra might be, "I am a conscious co-creator". You may feel the fullness of this, or just get a hint of a taste of it, in which case, you might choose to spend a few moments every day to practice. As always, extend your lovely self the permission to be right where you are now. Violet crown-chakra love to you.

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