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September 8, 2011

What to Do After Receiving the Munay-Ki Rites:
Feeding the Rites With Starlight and Moonlight

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting around our campfire near Silver Lake in the Sierras, watching the full moon rise over Thunder Mountain, and it brought into our hearts such a sense of the wonder all around us. The fire sent orange sparks swimming up into the sky and as they streaked and faded into the darkening sky, the icy whiteness of three single stars set in a triangle faded into view. After the bats had finished their nightly patrol, more stars appeared. The darkness revealed the hosts of the Star Nations, and the North Star pointed the way above a silhouetted ponderosa pine. The trails of shooting stars replaced campfire sparks, vast numbers of stars came into sharp focus, and billions of distant luminous presences formed the ghostly nightcloud that is actually the arms of our own Milky Way Galaxy. We are surrounded by miracles, indeed. This show goes on every night at 7,200 feet, where the air is thinner, and you can commune more easily with the heavens. It's easy to forget in our fog-blanketed, city-lit Bay Area, but it's here, too.

All this marvel ties in directly with a sense of the Munay-Ki, a sense of specific Rites, and of how we care for the seeds of our rites, how we feed them with fire and wonder. The fire is always there above us, all around us. And the awe that you feel at your heart is essential.

Connecting to the Rites

The Bands of Power begin in the earth and reach upward toward the icy fire of starlight, moonlight and Spirit. Pachakuti brings the fire of the heavens and the Upper World down to Earth, to us. The Daykeeper is rooted in the Earth, and the Wisdomkeeper is connected to the stars and the mountains. The Earthkeeper and Starkeeper care for our solar system and all the star systems. The Creator creates, cares for, and blesses it all. As you develop your connection, this becomes your stance.

Feeding the Rites With Fire

As you know if you've received one or more of the Rites, the seeds of your Rites are fed with fire. And, as Mary Ann and I were drawn to do during our week under the night skies, it is a unique experience to also feed your seeds with the fire from the Stars and Grandmother Moon.
As the first glint of the full Moon whispered above the peak of the Mountain, we fed our Rites with its magic brilliance. We fed them from the Milky Way, and from the North Star, and from all our heavenly relations. You reach up into the night sky and draw the celestial fire into your belly, your heart, your forehead. Draw starlight and moonlight into your hands, into your Bands, into each of your chakras, your lines of Vision. And then successively into each of your three power centers, once again for each lineage Rite. Feel the intensity build with each repetition until you feel the sense of the power of the Creator in your bones.

By so doing, whether with a candle flame, sunlight, or the nighttime celestial power, you grow your Rites, you grow yourSelf, you come more fully into your personal power, and into your role as a caretaker of Creation. Power and wonder are all around you. You are an awesome Being. By fire and starlight, let your seeds continue to grow.

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