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July 12, 2012

Exploring our Energy Anatomy

Chakra of the Month:

Base Chakra
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In this corner, we will feature a Chakra of the Month, not particularly because certain chakras naturally go with certain months, but one at a time, so we can focus on getting to know each one. If you are interested, we invite you to focus on the chakra of the month, perhaps upon rising in the morning and going to bed at night. Or whenever you need to drop down into one of your energy centers for grounding and focus, deepening and creating peace, enlivening a part of your energy body.

Any kind of work we do where we focus on our bodies, our spirit, our emotions, or our thoughts can bring us to a place of touching into the wonder of creation, of our own selves, of our connection to the universe. However we do this, we benefit from making this sense of connection real.

July's Chakra is the Base Chakra, so named because it sits right at the base of your body. You might have felt this chakra vibrate and tighten up when you've stepped onto the ledge of a cliff or stood at the window of a tall building with floor-to-ceiling windows. (Even when a character in a movie does this, my body reacts.) Your body's danger signals light up, and you can feel your base chakra viscerally.

It's also the source of grounding and connection with the earth. Rather than have that as an idea, we want to make it real. So have a seat on a chair or the ground and relax and breathe. Focus on this part of your body, around your sits bones. You can imagine the area full of red light, since red is the color of the base chakra. This chakra is about root support, survival, grounding, security, courage.

Feel your connection with the earth from this chakra, as the earth's energy naturally rises up to support you at the base of your spine, around your bottom. Let yourself just hang out with that energy, warmth, color red, and the sense of safety and security you feel in this moment. Let that earth energy come up through your feet and legs and just bask in it. Breathe it up. The affirmation of this chakra might be, "I am safe." Let big mother earth hold you in a place of safety. Let yourself feel your connection with the earth, safety, security.

If this is difficult to do, it may be an indicator that you need to continue healing and strengthening your base chakra and develop your capacity to experience this. We all have certain chakras that might need some practice and development. There is nothing wrong with that. It is part of being human and living in a body.

Take some time to develop your relationship with this chakra, your sense of grounding with the earth, with your base chakra.